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Go to Admin > Settings > Shipping

Shipping Setup Help Video

Turn Shipping Off

Go to Admin > Settings > Shipping > Settings Tab

If you are not shipping orders with Dispensary Tree, Turn Shipping OFF. It will be removed from your dispensary. Toggle the Shipping Setting to ‘OFF’ and press SAVE.

Shipping Options

There are TWO methods of Charging for Shipping Rates

1.  Create Your Own Shipping Rates

2. Obtain Shipping Rates Directly from Shipping Companies

Create Your Own Shipping Rates

Go to Admin > Settings > Shipping > Rates > Create Your Own Configuration

You can set your own shipping rates based on a Zone (geographical area), and an order value range. A zone is any Country, State/Province, or City/Town.

The order value is determined before any taxes, shipping or markup amounts.

Example:  Charge $5.99 if the shipping address is in California and the order total is between $50 and $250

When a practitioner is checking out, its going to look to see if the receipient’s address is part of any of the zones which have a shipping rate setup, and will offer that rate as an option. You can create many rates for each zone, and even offer free shipping with this functionality. (just make the cost 0.00)

How to Create your Own Rate

1. Click on “Setup Your Shipping Rates”
2. Click on “Add New Rate” You will be shown a form to fill out.

3. Name the Shipping Option

4. Select the Zone
5. Enter the Order Price Low without a dollar sign
6.  Enter the Order Price High without a dollar sign
7. Enter the actual shipping price
8. Make sure the status is set to Active

Rates Direct from Shipping Companies

To connect to almost any major carrier world-wide, you must register a free account at goshippo.com.

GoShippo is a third party company which allows you to obtain real time shipping rates from shipping carriers all across the world.

You can link your shipping account information into shippo and obtain rates based on your account level at various shipping companies.

GoShippo is a FREE account and will not cost you any money unless you use them to actually print a label. 

Go to Admin > Settings > Shipping > Configure Shipping Companies > Shippo Integration

Basic Steps:

1. Register at goshippo.com.   You may need to have your account activated.  After you register, email them or use their live chat to ensure they have activated your account. 

2. Obtain your Shippo API Token

How to find your API Token in goshippo.com

1. Login to goshippo.com

2. On the left navigation menu, click on “Settings”

3. Then Click on “API”

4. Click on “Generate Token”

5. Copy your Token and Paste it into your Dispensary

Instructions to Integrate

1. In your dispensary enter your goshippo.com username

2. In your dispensary enter your goshippo.com password

3. Paste your Saved API Token from instructions above

4. Press Save

Active Shipping Carriers

Go shippo offers you direct connection to all major shipping carriers worldwide. You can connect your account with the carrier through goshippo, and it will generate rates automatically based on your contract with your carrier(s).

1. In goshippo.com, on the left navigation, click on Carriers.

2. If you see your carrier in the list, press edit, and fill in the required information. The information they ask from you is available directly from the shipping carrier and will be easily attainable. If you have any problems locating that information, speak directly to goshippo.com or call your shipping carrier to obtain it.

3. If you do not see your carrier in the list, at the top of the page in goshippo.com you can click on “Add Carrier Account” and select your preferred carrier from the list.

4. Make sure your carrier is active in the list shown in the Active Column with a checkmark.

View Active Shipping Options Per Carrier

You can control which shipping option is active in your dispensary by clicking on the “Blocked/Markup Shipping” Tab in your dispensary.

You may not want to offer all the different shipping options from each carrier. Here you can turn specific shipping options on or off by toggling.

Marking up Shipping

If you want to charge the customer a higher amount than what is generated from from the shipping carrier, you can increase the price by a fixed amount or by a percentage.

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