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Product Pricing Options

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Selling Price & Cost Price for Products

Pricing options let you specify the default cost of goods & default selling price for NEW products.   This is just a value that will be automatically populated when you create a new product so the field is not blank.  The system will force you to add a cost of goods and a selling price when creating a new product.   You may not have this information on hand, and the system will use the default values listed here as placeholders until you retrieve this information.   You can update these values before creating your product and are not required to use them.    


Simple Product Pricing Rules

A pricing rule will determine the selling price for a product.    You can create many rules and then apply them to your product.  

There are 4 rules types:

1.  Exact Price

2.  Margin

3.  Markup Percentage

4.  Markup Fixed Amount

At this time,  you cannot apply a pricing rule to a variant.  


Add New Pricing Rule

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