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Create Your Own Rates

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Go to Admin > Settings > Shipping > Rates > Create Your Own Configuration



You can set your own shipping rates based on a Zone (geographical area), and an order value range. A zone is any Country, State/Province, or City/Town.

The order value is determined before any taxes, shipping or markup amounts.

Example:  Charge $5.99 if the shipping address is in California and the order total is between $50 and $250

When a practitioner is checking out, its going to look to see if the receipient’s address is part of any of the zones which have a shipping rate setup, and will offer that rate as an option. You can create many rates for each zone, and even offer free shipping with this functionality. (just make the cost 0.00)



How to Create your Own Rate

1. Click on “Setup Your Shipping Rates”

2. Click on “Add New Rate” You will be shown a form to fill out.

3. Name the Shipping Option

4. Select the Zone

5. Enter the Order Price Low without a dollar sign

6.  Enter the Order Price High without a dollar sign

7. Enter the actual shipping price

8. Make sure the status is set to Active

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