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Credits and Markups

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Go to Admin > Settings > Orders > Payment Methods > Credit Configuration

Credits are accumulated when practitioners markup orders.  

The markup amount is stored as credits. 

Credits can be used to pay for orders or can be redeemed for cash/check.

A practitioner can request their money via their practitioner account in Settings > Payments by entering the amount they want and pressing submit. 

The request will be received in Admin and will also show in the Practitioner Profile.

Practitioners cannot request more money than what is available in their current balance.

Once they submit the request, the funds are moved out of their available credit balance so they are unable to spend the credits to pay for orders. 

You can view their request under the tab “withdrawal requests”

Once submitted, the request is sent to the dispensary admin, and available in your “Credit Requests” section.

A notification will also appear in the admin account and you can also set a sound notification to alert you.

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