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Go to Admin > Settings > Zones

What is a Zone?

A zone is a geographical region, including Country, State, City/Town, ZipCode. Your dispensary is loaded with common zones and countries already.

Custom Zones

You can create a custom zone to be used throughout your dispensary.

How to Create a Custom Zone?

1. Click on “Add Zone”

2. You will be presented with a form to fill out to create the zone. 

3.  Enter the Zone name and make it active

4. Search for your Zone and add a Zone Rule

5. Click on “Rules” which is the green button

6. Click on Add Rule

7.  Choose the Country, State, City or Enter specific Zip codes seperated by a comma (,)

Why would I need a Custom Zone?

You may need a custom zone if you are applying a tax to a specific zone and it does not exist. The most common one is if you need to charge a tax to specific postal or zip codes.


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