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Formula Settings

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Go to Admin > Settings > Formula

Global Settings
As the owner or administrator of the dispensary, you are going to set global settings which will be applicable for every new practitioner registering at your dispensary. If you are a solo practitioner, I would still make all the global settings proper to save you time.

Practitioner Specific Settings
Each practitioner can choose specific formula settings which are available in their profile. An example would be changing the herb name types available to view.  Example, show pinyin and latin columns.

Configure Herb Types

Go to Admin > Settings > Catalog > Herb Types

To make things more clean, make sure you have turned off the herb types you don’t need. Example, if you don’t build raw formula, but raw herbs is set to ON, its going to get in the way. Turn off unnecessary herb types now:

Dosage Modes

There are different ways to calculate a formula and we refer to these as dosage modes.  Set up your dosage modes.


Setup how refills will work in your dispensary and the default refill settings for practitioners when they register.

Column Selection

There are specific columns of information shown to the herbalists when building a formula. You can turn these on or off and also make them required.

Add On Services

You can charge for additional services for custom formulas. Example: Encapsulation charge, or grinding fee. You can charge a flat/fixed amount and/or a percentage of the formula price.

Container Settings

Define the containers you use for custom formulas. For example, if you are dispensing tinctures and using a glass amber bottle for liquids from 0.01 oz to 2 oz, you can specify how much this container weighs. We use this information to properly estimate the weight of the package to get more accurate shipping rates. Even if you don’t ship with the dispensary, it is wise to define the containers/bottles you are using for label purposes.

Cooking / Decoction Templates

There is usually common sets of instructions for cooking or decocting herbal medicine. The dispensary admin can create templates which can be used by any practitioner in the dispensary. Each practitioner can also create their own templates which can be used when creating custom formulations. if you are a solo practitioner, you can create them here or in your practitioner account profile.

Decimal Places

Lets you specify how many decimal places you want to use for calculation puposes for custom formulas. Each herb type can have their own number of decimal places.

Dosage Options

Completely change the drop down / data entry section of the formula builder pertaining to the dosage amount the patient will consume.
Example Take 3g, 2 times per day, for 7 days. This section of the formula builder can be modified.

Formula Review Options

After a practitioner builds a custom formula, it takes them to a review page. You can control certain elements of the review formula or turn it off.

Formula Sections Control

The custom formula builder has specific sections of information, and some basic options. You can turn sections on and off.

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