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View/Edit Shipping Options

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The shipping details section in an order lets you view and modify shipping details.

Ship To/Pickup: You view & change the recipient of the package, either the Patient, Practitioner or a pickup. If its a pickup, you can select who is going to pick up the package, either the patient, practitioner or another person. If its another person, you can view or change who that person will be; including their name, phone number and email address.

Shipping is split up between “real time” rates, and rates you can setup. To change a shipping option, select a new option or click on “override shipping price” to change the actual shipping price to any amount you want.

Weight Calculation

For the purposes of determing the weight of the shipment, we use the following;

Product Weight – Each product has a weight you can specify in the Product Record

Herb Weight – The weight of the herbs in the formula

Container Weight – The weight of the containers used, which can be added in container settings.

Shipping Box Weight – We cannot determine the exact box you are going to use for every order (yet), but the system allows you to set a default shipping box and a weight for the box. Go to Settings>Shipping >Box Sizes

If you change the weight of any of these fields and then click on update shipping prices, the real time rates will adjust their price. If you are happy with the changes, click on Save. Shipping charges will not change on the actual order until you press save.

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