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Custom Formula Builders

Craft your perfect formula - but do it just once. With our sophisticated formula builders, you can create, saved, edit and copy formulations for future use - without lifting a finger.

Formula Labels

Design and print formula labels on demand for any custom formula. Just click, print and affix labels to your bottles or containers for a professonal look and feel, all while maintaining compliance.

Formula Infosheets

Can't fit it all on the label - makes sense! Design infosheets for formulas that can be provided to patients.


Provide formula preparation instructions which get printed onto the infosheet to explain to the patient how to prepare and consume the herbal medicine.


A custom label is generated for every formulation, which can be modified by the dispensary.   Label information includes but is not limited to Practitioner Information, Patient Information, Formula Ingredients, Dosage Instructions and Dispensary Branding.    Labels can be changed to any size, and printed on any label printer or regular printer (with Avery Labels)


An infosheet is an 8.5 x 11 (standard paper size) sheet which can be printed on any printer.  The infosheet can display ALL information about the formula, especially long preparation instructions which may not fit on the label.   The infosheet is completely customizable, and you can add images, Static Text, your logo and all details about the custom herbal medicine formula.


Dosage Instructions let practitioners specify the quantity and when the formula should be used or consumed.   Our formula builders let you modify the dosage instructions or practitioners can write their own dosage instructions for each formula.