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School Portal

Dispensary Tree's School Portal is tailored for educational institutions running in-house dispensaries. It facilitates comprehensive management of students, supervisors, and practitioners, ensuring a structured and safe learning environment​​.

Streamlining Herbal Education and Dispensary Management

Role Management

Create specific roles for supervisors and assign students to them for effective supervision and training​​.

Student Practitioner Accounts

Enable students to have their own accounts, fostering hands-on learning and practical experience​​.

Formula and Product Approval

Students can submit formulas and products for supervisor approval, ensuring educational standards and patient safety are maintained​​​​.

Advantages of Custom Labels

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Can I save and reuse the custom formulas I create?

Absolutely! Our formula builders allow you to create, save, edit, and even copy your custom formulations for future use, streamlining the process and saving time​​.

Along with each custom formula, you can provide detailed preparation instructions printed onto the infosheet. This helps to clearly explain to the patient how to prepare and consume the herbal medicine​​.

Yes, our formula builders let you modify standard dosage instructions, or you can write your own specific instructions for each formula, ensuring precise and personalized guidance for patients​​.

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