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The Dispensary Tree Patient Portal offers patients a seamless and secure way to manage their herbal medicine needs. It provides convenient features like online payment, refill orders, and access to important formula and product information, all aimed at enhancing patient autonomy and reducing the dispensary's customer support load​​​​​​.

Empower Your Patients with Comprehensive Online Access

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Secure Account Access

A patient portal is an online platform that provides patients with secure and convenient access to their personal health information and order information. It serves as a digital gateway for individuals to interact with healthcare providers, view their health data, and engage in various aspects of their healthcare journey.

Order Payments

Paying for a healthcare orders online has revolutionized the financial aspect of managing medical needs. In today's digital era, patients can conveniently settle payments for prescriptions.Patients input their payment details, including credit card information, through encrypted and protected interfaces. This streamlined process ensures the privacy and security of sensitive financial information. Once the payment is confirmed, patients receive digital receipts or transaction records for their records. This online payment approach not only eliminates the need for in-person transactions but also contributes to a more transparent and accessible healthcare experience.


Refilling a prescription is a straightforward process that involves obtaining a renewed supply of a prescribed product or formula. To initiate a refill, patients can login to a digital platform to request and pay for a prescription refills conveniently. This streamlined approach to prescription refills enhances efficiency, reduces administrative burdens, and contributes to a more patient-centered and accessible healthcare experience.

Comprehensive Order History

A patient's order history serves as a valuable repository of their healthcare transactions and interactions, offering a comprehensive record of prescribed formulas and products. This digital archive, accessible through the patient portal provides a convenient and centralized overview of the patient's medical journey. Benefits of maintaining an order history include enhanced medication management, enabling patients to track prescription refills, dosage changes, and formula adjustments over time. The order history also contributes to improved communication between patients and healthcare professionals, fostering a collaborative approach to healthcare management. Patients can easily review and verify their healthcare transactions, ensuring accuracy in billing. Overall, a comprehensive order history empowers patients, promotes transparency, and plays a pivotal role in optimizing the quality and continuity of healthcare services.

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Can I save and reuse the custom formulas I create?

Absolutely! Our formula builders allow you to create, save, edit, and even copy your custom formulations for future use, streamlining the process and saving time​​.

Along with each custom formula, you can provide detailed preparation instructions printed onto the infosheet. This helps to clearly explain to the patient how to prepare and consume the herbal medicine​​.

Yes, our formula builders let you modify standard dosage instructions, or you can write your own specific instructions for each formula, ensuring precise and personalized guidance for patients​​.

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