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Custom Labels

Design and generate professional labels for your custom formulations with ease. Show important information to your patients and clients, enhancing safety and professionalism.

Effortlessly Design and Print Customized Herbal Formula Labels

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Label Designer

Create your labels in your Custom Formula Label Designer by choosing the size, color, fonts, text, fields and more. Create many different labels for each container you use for a professional touch.

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Avery Label Integration

Use any printer to print with Avery Label Templates on a normal printer. Just choose your Avery Label Template Number, Choose the label on the page you want to print on and everything is formatted precisely.

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Print Labels

Generate a label from a Custom Formula with a click of a button and then print on any label printer. Our system generates a pdf of your label and you can print to any device.

Advantages of Custom Labels

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What customization options are available for formula labels?

You can design and print labels on demand for any custom formula. Customization options include changing the label size, adding your dispensary branding, practitioner and patient information, formula ingredients, and dosage instructions. You can print these labels on any label printer or regular printer using Avery Labels​​​​.

In cases where all the information can’t fit on the label, you can design accompanying infosheets. These infosheets can display all the details about the formula, including lengthy preparation instructions and are completely customizable​​​​.

Our infosheets are fully customizable, allowing you to add images, static text, your logo, and all the details about the custom herbal medicine formula. They are designed to be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 paper and can accommodate extensive information that might not fit on a standard label​​.

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