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Sell Products

Dispensary Tree's Sell Products feature empowers dispensaries to efficiently manage and sell products online. From setting up product refills to tracking inventory and creating purchase orders, this tool simplifies the entire process of selling products to patients or clients, making it convenient and scalable​​​​​​.

Maximize Your Dispensary's Potential with Advanced Product Management

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Sell Products

Introducing our cutting-edge selling products feature, a powerful tool designed to elevate your online selling experience. With this feature, sellers can effortlessly showcase their products, complete with captivating images and detailed descriptions,manage your inventory, set prices, and monitor sales in real-time, all within a user-friendly interface.

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Custom Products

Custom herbal products refer to tailor-made items that incorporate herbal ingredients. These products often involve the formulation of herbal remedies, supplements, or skincare items designed to address specific concerns or support particular health goals.

Product Infosheets

Introducing product infosheets – your go-to resource for providing comprehensive details about your products. These infosheets can be designed and crafted to provide in-depth information, including key features, specifications, and usage guidelines for each product in your catalog. Enhanced with visually appealing graphics and concise yet informative content, our infosheets make it easy for customers to understand the unique value and benefits of each item. Keep customers informed, make confident decisions, and streamline your product communication with your meticulously designed infosheets – the ultimate resource for product knowledge and transparency.

Product Refills

Provide a convenient and sustainable way for customers to replenish or re-order a product they have previously purchased.

Advantages of Selling Products

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Can I save and reuse the custom formulas I create?

Absolutely! Our formula builders allow you to create, save, edit, and even copy your custom formulations for future use, streamlining the process and saving time​​.

Along with each custom formula, you can provide detailed preparation instructions printed onto the infosheet. This helps to clearly explain to the patient how to prepare and consume the herbal medicine​​.

Yes, our formula builders let you modify standard dosage instructions, or you can write your own specific instructions for each formula, ensuring precise and personalized guidance for patients​​.

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