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Herbal Ingredients

Maximize your dispensary's potential by adding an unlimited number of herb ingredients to craft custom formulas and products. Our comprehensive database supports various forms of herbs and premixed formulations, ensuring versatility and quality in your offerings​​​​​​.

Elevate Your Herbal Practice with Extensive Customization Options

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Add Herbal Ingredients

Add single herbs in various forms like Bulk/Raw, Granules, Tinctures, and Concentrates​​. You can add them manually one by one, upload them in bulk or download them from our master herb database.

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Premixed Formulas

A premix formula is a combination of single herbal ingredients which are combined to create a formula. Premixed formulas are either sold as a product or used within a custom formula.

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Ingredient Pricing

Charge a set price per measurement unit (per gram) or tier your prices based on quantity. Create pricing rules based on the cost of goods and have your selling price auto-adjust based on your cost of goods.

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Ingredient Images

Add one or more images for each of your herbal ingredients or premixed formulas

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Add your supplier and the cost to purchase products from your suppliers. Track your cost of goods. You can create purchase orders and send them to your suppliers when your stock is running low.

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Measurements Coming Soon

Our system is being upgraded to allow you to create as many measurement types you want and also convert from one measurement type to another. Stay tuned.

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Ingredient Names

Store and use more than one ingredient name such as English, Latin, Chinese Pinyin. Coming Soon: Add additional ingredient names.

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Ingredient Data

Store additional data about your herbal ingredients and premix formulations such as Allergy Information, Nature, Contraindications, Properties, Actions, Similar Ingredients, Drug Interactions and more.

Advantages of Herbal Ingredients

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Can I save and reuse the custom formulas I create?

Absolutely! Our formula builders allow you to create, save, edit, and even copy your custom formulations for future use, streamlining the process and saving time​​.

Along with each custom formula, you can provide detailed preparation instructions printed onto the infosheet. This helps to clearly explain to the patient how to prepare and consume the herbal medicine​​.

Yes, our formula builders let you modify standard dosage instructions, or you can write your own specific instructions for each formula, ensuring precise and personalized guidance for patients​​.

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