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Refill Settings

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Go to Admin > Practitioners > Edit Practitioner > Settings > Refills

The following settings control the practitioner’s refill settings. These settings can also be changed in the practitioner account by the practitioner.

You can turn refills on or off for the practitioner.  If refills are turned off, then the practitioner will not see refill options when building a formula. 

Default Settings

You can turn off the default refills which would force the practitioner to enter refill options for each custom formula they create for a patient each time.  

Practitioners can create their own defaults in their practitioner account.
Note: There are refill settings for both Formulas and Products

Number of Refills
The total number of refills available for a formula or product as a default

Days allowed between refills

This controls how often a patient can order a refill.  
You can set this number to 0 if you don’t want to put any restriction on how often they can order refills. 
Please note that the patient could order all their refills at once if set to 0.

Expiry Date

Enter the number of days until the refills will expire and the patient will no longer be able to order refills. The refill expiry date can be changed by the practitioner and the admin if a mistake is made.

Note: You can set the same defaults for each herb type or you can set specific defaults per herb type

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