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Patient Label Settings

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Go to Admin > Patients > Open Patient Profile > Labels

Your dispensary can support multiple labels and options but most dispensaries create one label for each formula builder, but you do have options!

You can specify a specific label and label settings for each patient.

Choose the default label which will always be used for this patient. Each formula builder has its own labels and label options. If multiple labels have been created for a formula builder, the practitioner can choose which label they want to use for the patient. This is handy if there are labels in multiple languages or if the practitioner prefers one style over another.

Herb Names
Based on the label design setting, the dispensary admin can permit practitioners to choose which name types they want to appear on the label. Some labels can print more than one name type.

No Herbs Printed
Based on the label design settings, the dispensary admin can permit practitioners to choose a label containing no Herbs printed. A specific label must be created containing no herbs.

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