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Print Infosheet

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Go to Admin > Orders > Open an Order > Click on Fulfillment Tab

For each formula you can print an infosheet which is located on the fulfillment tab above each formula.   You must have an infosheet template created for the infosheet to be created.   Click on Print Infosheet Button and the infosheet will be generated.   If you have more than one infosheet and do not want to use the default infosheet, click on the drop down arrow and select the infosheet you want to use.    It will be generated into pdf format, which can then be printed.   It may take 3-10 seconds to generate an infosheet, please be patient. 

Bulk Print Infosheets

There are times when you want to print many infosheets at the same time for several different orders/formulas to save time.  Go to Admin > Orders and then select the orders you want to print infosheets for using the selection boxes on the left.    At the bottom of the table, there is a drop down to select “Print Infosheets Only”.  All the infosheets will be generated into pdf format which can then be printed.  It may take 3-10 seconds to generate the infosheets, please be patient.  

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