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Submit to Supervisor

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Students need to have at least one supervisor associated with their profileA, otherwise, it will warn the student about having no supervisor and will not let them send a product or formula through.

A student can build a formula normally, but the formula or product will not be added to the cart until the supervisor approves the item.

Submit Formulas for Approval

On the formula review page there is a button the student must press to submit the order to the supervisor.   Once pressed, it will tell the student the item has been submitted to their supervisor(s).


If the student clicks on the add to cart button, it will immediately be sent to the supervisor.

Waiting for Approval

In the left navigation, students can access a waiting for approval page, which lists all the items they have submitted to the supervisor.   They can cancel an item submitted. Once the supervisor approved the item, it will appear under the approved section.  The student can then add the item to the cart and process the order normally by clicking on the add to cart icon next to the approved item.


Students can add refill options to a formula or product.   The patient will then be able to order refills.  If the supervisor does not want refills on the order, they should reject the formula and have the student resubmit the formula for approval.

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