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Cooking Templates

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Go to Admin > Settings > Formulas > Cooking Templates

This section allows you to create cooking or decoction template instructions for raw herb custom formulas. These templates will be available to all practitioners in your dispensary.  Each practitioner can also create their own cooking templates in their practitioner account.  There are templates for Preboiling, Cooking and Add at End steps.

View Cooking Templates

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There are 3 types of templates

1.  Pre-Boil
2.  Cooking
3.  Add at End

Add Templates

To add a template, click on the “Add Template” button and fill out the form.

1.  Name the Template
2. Choose which type of template; pre-boil, cooking or add at end
3. Enter the Instructions or Text for the template

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Using Variables

You can add 2 variables to your template, so a practitioner can quickly insert information into the template.    During the formula building process, there will be 2 blank boxes to enter information and they the data will be inserted into the template where the variable exists.

The two variable are:


Example: Add [AMOUNT_OF_WATER] ml to a pot, add the herbs and boil for [COOKING_TIME] minutes on high heat

When the user selects this template, instead of scouring the text to update this information for each custom formula, they can enter it into a box, and it will automatically update those fields in the cooking template with the inputted information.

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