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Modify Inventory

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Go to Admin > Inventory > Modify

You can modify your inventory by using the modify inventory page.   You can increase or decrease the amount for any item in your dispensary.  

Instructions for Modifying an Inventory Quantity

1. Enter the Herb, Product, or Premix Name into a blank row or scan the barcode of the item to auto populate it into the blank row.  

2. Select the Lot Number

3. The current stock amount for that lot number will be shown

4.  You can either enter the final amount you want the lot to be in the “new stock level” box or increase or decrease the lot by an “amount” 

5. Enter a comment (optional)

6. Press Submit

After you submit the change it will show you a success screen and let you verify the information you have just made.   If you do not see a success screen that means that the item(s) were not modified.   

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