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Add/Remove Students from Supervisor

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To add students to a supervisor you can do it from the supervisor’s profile or you can do it from the student profile.

If you want to bulk add students to a supervisor, you will want to do it from the supervisor’s profile.

If you want to add or make the relationship of a student to one or more supervisors, you can do it easily from the students practitioner profile.  Just select all the supervisors associated with the student. 

From Student Profile

Go to Admin > Users > Students and find the student profile and edit it.

At the very top you will see a box for supervisor.  Start typing the supervisors name and select it.  You can add more than one supervisor to a student.   If there is more than one supervisor, both will be able to approve or reject submitted formulas and products.

You can remove the relationship between student and supervisor by deleting the supervisor from the field, by highlighting it and pressing delete or backspace.

From the Supervisors Profile

Go to Admin > Users > Practitioners and find the Supervisors Practitioner Profile and edit it.

Go to the Supervisor Tab

You will be able to see all the students associated with the supervisor.

Click on Add Existing Student if the Student Profile Exists or Add New Student and create the student practitioner profile from scratch.

If Existing, select the students associated with the practitioner by typing the student’s name and adding them to the list.

To remove a student, click on the delete button.

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