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Inventory Levels

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Go to Admin > Inventory > Inventory Levels

Inventory Levels shows you how much quantity of each item in your dispensary you currently have.   Knowing how much stock you have on hand is important.  We put this information at your fingertips.

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Inventory Levels Options/Fields


Search for any item in your inventory


Filter your inventory items by Item Type, Product Category, Herb Category, Inventory Level and Supplier.

Average Per Day

Shows you the average amount consumed or sold per day based on the last 30 days.

Average Per Month

Shows you the average consumed per month based on the last 6 months of consumption.


Show you how much quantity you have available in your dispensary for an item. 

Low Threshold

This is a low level limit which will help you keep stock available. When the available level falls below this number, it will show you the item is low on stock when you fulfill orders. You can also filter by low inventory and all items below this value will be displayed in the results.

Committed Inventory

When a practitioner or patient submits an order, the items requested in the order are put into a committed state.   This is done so you don’t oversell.  You can control if stock is put into committed and for how long by modifying your inventory settings. (Admin > Settings> Inventory)


You can click on “View Lots” to see each lot available for your catalog item.

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