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Inventory Settings

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Go to Admin > Settings > Inventory

The inventory settings let you choose options pertaining to tracking how much quantity of each item or how much inventory you have of single herbs, premix formulas and products.

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Inventory Tracking

If you do not want to track inventory/stock amounts in your dispensary, you can turn off inventory.

Barcode Label Size

This option will control the size of your barcodes which are generated.

Select Measurements

You can choose to use ml or fluid ounzes for liquid herbs ( tinctures and concentrates).  If you switch this after using one method, your inventory stock amounts will be wrong and it won’t convert ml to oz or oz to ml.  Please be cautious about switching this option.

Commited Inventory

When an order is submitted, it will commit your inventory for the number of days you specify. This means if you have 100g of a herb in stock, and an order comes in for 20g of the same herb, you will only have 80g available for other customers.  If another order comes in for 100g of the same herb, it will show that this herb is out of stock or you do not have enough to fulfill the second order.  If you do not want to commit inventory, you can set this option to 0.  After the number of days has passed, it will remove the committed inventory back to available.

Decimal Places
This allows you to specify how many decimal places you want to use for tracking specific herb types for stock/inventory.   There are different decimal place settings to determine how many decimal places you want to use for custom formulas specifically.

Default Barcode
Choose either UPC, EAN or Both for which barcode type you will be using as the default.

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