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We are the leading herbal dispensary software provider powering some of the largest herbal dispensaries around the world.  Our systems are used by smaller clinics and practitioners and also dispensaries who sell to other practitioners.  It is our goal to automate all dispensary functions, and we are doing this one update at a time.   The software is constantly evolving and improving, and each new herbalist who starts to use our platform helps us improve!  

Herbal Stock Tracking

Do you know how much of each herb you have and how long it will last?

The inventory stock management system lets you see exactly how many grams, ml or oz you have on hand at anytime. 

Set low stock limits and be notified when you need to purchase more.   Add items to purchase orders and order from your suppliers (coming soon) 

track batch and lot numbers for herbs and formulas

Batch Number Herb Tracking

Every herb and product can be assigned lot numbers and tracked through to every order, patient and formulation.   Ever need to do a recall, it will be easy! 

Every herb going in and out of your dispensary is tracked in an organized inventory history. 

custom formula herbal medicine software herbal dispensary software

Create Custom Formulas

Practitioners can create custom formulas with your own formula builders.  Every formula is saved every 60 seconds and can be used over and over again, with or without modifications. 

Create formula templates that can be shared amongst many practitioners for easy online ordering.  

run a large scale herb dispensary business

Sell to Others

Whether you are a dispensary of just a few practitioners or hundreds, you can unleash the power of dispensary software to help run your business.

Take inventory that is sitting in jars, and start selling to other practitioners and earn additional revenue!

Happy Stories

Dispensary Tree is hands-down the most useful piece of software for running a Chinese medicine herbal pharmacy today. From essential features like detailed inventory tracking to modern features like web-based ordering and text message payment all the way to epic design features like brand-color integration and custom infosheets for patients, Dispensary Treedoes more than anyone else to help take your herbal business into the 21st century. Patients love it. Practitioners love it. Administrators love it. You can’t go wrong

Travis Kern


Jason has been wonderful to work with! I typically receive an answer to any questions the same day and often within the hour no matter how small or complicated they may be. I am happy that I chose to use Dispensary-Tree software. Jason listens to his users and is continually working to improve and expand the software and features based on feedback he receives

Bethany Ziman


We are an herb shop and clinic and provide custom formulations for our customers and clients. Dispensary Tree is an indispensable part of our practice. It allows us to easily track our inventory and client formulations and is a big part of our good manufacturing practice. Whenever we have a problem or question, Jason is readily available with solutions. We can’t imagine doing business without this invaluable tool. Five stars!!!

Thanks Jason – we truly do love your product and your service!

Cheryl Fromholzer, Clinical Herbalist and Herbal Educator


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Top Features & Benefits

We are the first Dispensary platform used by top dispensaries worldwide.  

Formula Builder

We have created the most advanced custom formula builder in the Industry

Formula Labels

Print any size label on any label printer. You can use Avery Label Templates and print on any regular printer.

Formula Infosheets

Design your own infosheets for each formula

Patient Accounts

Provide patients their own login to pay, order refills and view their orders!

Drop Ship

Connect to any major shipping carrier worldwide or create your own shipping rates. Send formulas and products in the mail.

Collect Money

Connect to Square, Authorize.net and other processors to collect money online.

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