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Add a Practitioner

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Go to Admin > Practitioners > Add Practitioner

Instructions to add a practitioner:

1.  Practitioner Self Registers

2.  Admin manually adds practitioner

Practitioner Self Register Instructions

Practitioners can register for an account if you have activated this feature and have the Practitioner Portal/Website enabled on your subscription. . By default the registration form is turned off.

To turn it on, go to Admin > Settings > Practitioner Website > Registration Form > Settings

Toggle the option to ON

Registration Form Options

Registration Field Options

You can control which fields are shown on your registration form and which are fields are required by going to Admin > Settings > Practitioner Website > Registration Form >Registration Form Listings.

To manage a field, click on the Edit Button. You can change the name of most fields.

Field Name – You can edit the field name

Placeholder – The default text which will be shown in the input box to help direct the new user

Position – controls where the field will appear on the form. 1 will appear at the top.

Required – Toggle this option to ON to force the user to enter the field while registering.

Status – Turn the status to ON or OFF to hide or show the field on the registration form

Admin manually adds practitioner Instructions

The admin can manually add a practitioner

Go to Admin > Practitioners > Add Practitioner

Fill out the required information and press submit

Do not forget to approve their account

An email will be sent to the practitioner letting them know about their new account. You can modify this email if you want in notification settings.
Go to Admin > Settings > Notifications > Emails > Practitioner Emails

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