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New Single Herbs

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Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import New Data > Herbs

Import Herbs Help Video

Dispensaries are not pre-loaded with single herbs, because not all dispensaries use the same herbs. You must upload the herbs you want by CSV and we have prepared the CSV for you to upload.

New Dispensaries have NO herbs. This process will BULK upload NEW herb data into the dispensary. You can add one herb at a time.

If you are just starting out, take one of our files, and you can upload it, and then you are done.

To save you time, we have compiled lists of herbs so you can directly import them.

Western Herbs
Chinese Herbs

NOTE: You will not be able to directly edit these files, you must download it to your computer first. To download the file, click on the download icon after clicking on the link above. If an herb you use is NOT in the file, you must add it. If there are herbs in the file you do not want, you can delete them.

Mandatory Fields

If you do not know the SKU#, just make one up for now, or use the suppliers SKU#

Default Herb Name
This name must be in another herb name field already and it will be used by default throughout your dispensary.

Herb Names
Add at least one herb name


The only possible values are “Publish”,”Published”,”Pending Review”,”Draft” .

Herb Type
The only possible value are ‘Granules’, ‘Tinctures’, ‘Raw’, ‘Concentrates’. Yes, they need to be written exact, you cannot use “Granule” because it is missing the ‘s’

All Fields

After our last update, there are a lot of single herb fields. You will never be able to fill in all this information and we are currently working on functionality to automatically populate this data for you, so please stayed tuned.

Default Herb Name
Herb Type
Herb Status
Herb SKU#
Default Herb Category
English Name
Other English Name
Latin Name
Other Latin Name
Pinyin Name
Other Pinyin Name
Chinese Name
Other Chinese Name
Korean Name
Other Korean Name
Japanese Name
Other Japanese Name Sanskrit Name
Other Sanskrit Name Description
TCM Channels
Cautions and Contraindications
Associated Allopathic Conditions
Associated Allopathic Conditions Sources
Symptoms Sources
Possible Drug Interactions Possible Drug Interactions Sources
Part of Plant
Process Type
Contains Aristolochic Acid Contains Gluten
External Use
Ratio Left
Ratio Right
Glycerin Percentage
Alcohol Percentage
Caution with Pregnancy Organic
Alcohol Type
Contains Corn
Contains Egg
Contains Animal Products Contains Wheat
Contains Fish
Contains Soy
Contains Artificial Sweetners Contains Peanuts
Contains Milk
Contains Shellfish
Contains Treenuts
Contains Cholesterol
Contains Mustard
Contains Sesame
Contains Nuts
Made in a Peanut free facility Contains Sulphites
Granule Filler
Images Show out of stock to Users
Users can purchase when out of stock
Re-Order Level
Default Supplier Id
Herb Notes

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