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Email Notifications

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Go to Admin > Settings > Notifications > Email

Email Notifications Help Video

You can customize all the emails sent to patients, practitioners and to the admin.

Edit Email

You can edit the email and change the text of all emails. Please be cautious about modify emails pertaining to password and username verification / lost passwords, and do not remove tags in the emails which will use information from the database. Most emails are safe to edit, and if you delete something by accident, you can contact us for assistance.

Email Signature

An email signature will appear at the bottom of ALL emails.  You can create one email signature by adding text and images to the edit box.

Email Tracking

You can track all emails and ensure they were delivered or not.   Tracking information is also available on the admin dashboard.Email Settings

You can change the Admin, Support and Sales Email Addresses.

Support Address – If a practitioner submits the contact form, it will be sent to this email address

Admin Address– All emails triggered to the admin will be sent here

Mailgun Settings

Do not erase any of the mailgun settings or email will stop working. You can also register your own FREE mailgun email account and control your email server. (not necessary)

Custom Emails

You can create your own custom emails, which you can send to Practitioners and Patients. These emails right now are not triggered automatically. You can send these emails when you are viewing an Order in the Admin by selecting the email you want to send to the Patient or Practitioner.

Email Fields

All emails have data that you can merge into the email.  If you edit an email, you can see fields available for that email.  The following is a list of available fields.

Delivery Fields


If the package is being shipped to the patient, to the practitioner or set for pickup.


The total shipping charge on the order.


The shipping company selected


The shipping Service Selected  (example, xpresspost or expedited)


The shipping company and the shipping service


The shipping address on the order


Date of Shipment


The tracking number of the Package 


Shipping emails may go to patient or practitioner.  Based on the order criteria, this will list the name of the person receiving the order.  

Practitioner Information Fields


The name of the Practitioner


The email of the Practitioner


The phone number of the practitioner

Order Details


The order or invoice number


The total cost of the orde


The items in the order.  It currently includes the qty and price paid (including markup).    We are going to add a new field shortly which will list only the items and no price.


Total Taxes charged for the order


Total Order Fees Charged


Total Formula Fees Charged


The Paying Party, shown as Practitioner or Patient


Total Discounts for the order


Total shipping Insurance Paid for the Order


The date the order was submitted


The subtotal for the order


The status of the Payment 


The method used to pay for the order 

Patient Details Fields


The Patient’s First Name


The Patients Last Name


The link for a patient to pay for an order

General Fields


If the recipient of the message could be a practitioenr or a patient, we use this field to merge in the correct name.


Current Status of the Order



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