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Product Name Types

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Both Simple Products and Custom Products have their own name type settings.   You can have different name type settings for simple products compared to custom products.  


Custom Products can have more than one name type.   We currently support the following name types.  

1.  English Names
2.  Latin Name
3.  Pinyin Name
4.  Chinese Name
5.  Korean Name
6.  Japanese Name
7.  Sanskrit Name

Default Product Name Type
Set a default name type.   When you add a new product, this name type will be the default name type.  

You can enable or disable name types.   These name types will be active when you create a new product.   Just because they are active doesn’t mean your product has to have a name for each type.  

Products can have multiple names per name type, such as 2 english names and 3 Chinese Names.  

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