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Product General Details

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The general details section lists high level information about the product.  Some of the fields you can edit, others are for information purposes only.  You are not required to have all the following fields associated with your product.  If you go to the Field Settings in the product record, you can enable or disable fields and also re-order them.  

General Details


Default Product Name:  The general details lets you change the Default product name if you have more than one name

Product Type:  It will tell you if this is a Simple Product or a Custom Product

Product Status:  Choose between Publised, Draft and Pending Review

Product has Variants:  If your product has variants, it will display as YES.   If you need to change a product with no variants to a product with variants, you can choose “Yes” and it will allow you to have variants. 
You cannot change from Yes Variants to No Variants. 

Product ID: 
  The internal ID of the product

Product SKU:   The SKU# of the product, which you can update at anytime. 

Manufacturer:  The manufacturer of the Product.   Details on how to add manufactuers are here.  

Brand:   The brand name of the product.  Details on how to add Brand Names located here.  

Default Product Category:   If there is more than one category, you can choose a default which will be displayed when viewing category information through the admin.  

Product Names

You can list an unlimited number of product names.   If you have several names for each product, you can add more than one.  Click on the Add New Button to add a name.   Select the name type and enter the product name and press save.    You can have more than one name per product name type, such as 2 english names.   If you have more than one english name, you cannot delete only one of them, you must delete them both, but can re-add the name if you want to keep one of them.   


Actions and Indications

List the actions and Indications of the Product.    You can list only the action or only the indications. 


Product Categories

List all the categories pertaining to the product.  You can have multiple categories.   edbsn444432272e493320e125e179ccc6a466ba7cf5cb8a98086f54b8ae903fda7a7696008ea6d3aad2265f1813a2276b5fcf?inline=true


List a written description of the product that will be displayed to users.      Make sure you press “Save Description” after entering the description text or you will lose your work.  


Product Attributes

List the product attributes by entering information or toggling the on and off switch for various attributes.   You do not have to have all the attributes enabled on your dispensary.  If you go to the attributes settings in the product record, you can enable or disable and also re-order attributes.  


Similar Products

You can tag other products in your product catalog which are similar to the product.   If you have the practitioner account active, it will display a picture of the product on the product record page in the practitioner account, with a link to this product.  


Product Tags

A product tag can be used to easily filter products.  You can add an unlimited number of tags to the product.  For information on how to create new tags, click here. 


Associated Allopathic Conditions

If the product is generally used to help specific allopathic conditions, you can list them here.  For information on how to add allopathic conditions, click here. 


Cautions and Contraindications

List any cautions or contraindications about the product, which is displayed on the product record page in the practitioner account.   There will be an update to get this information onto the infosheet.  





Recommended Dosages


Possible Drug Interactions




Resarch Studies




TCM Channels




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