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View Premix Formulas

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Go to Admin > Premix Formulas
The premix formula ingredients sections shows you all the premix formula ingredients available in your dispensary.   You are able to add more premix formulas,  delete existing ones or change the status of the premix formula.  Premix Formulas are used in Custom Formulas and Herb Products.

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Page Options

You can view all the premix formulas available in your catalog. Click on the name of the premix formula to open the record, you can then edit the premix formula.

SKU# – 
The Sku# of the premix formula.  You can update this information if you edit the formula

Formula Name

The default formula name for the premix formula

Process Type

How the premix formula is processed (if applicable).  You can update the process type by editing the formula record.  Example  (cut and sifted or powdered)

Herb Type

Herb type of the premix formula


The default selling price of the premix formula per gram, ml or oz.


Status of the premix formula, your options are Published, Draft, Pending Review


Shows the default category of the premix. You can assign the premix formula more than one category by clicking on the category name or assign the premix a category.


Delete the premix or Edit the premix. If you delete the premix by accident, click on the Trash Bin and you can restore it, or delete it pernamently.


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