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View Single Herbs

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Go to Admin > Single Herbs

The single herbs sections shows you all the different single herb ingredients available in your dispensary.   You are able to add more single herbs, delete existing ones or change the status of the herb ingredient.   Single herbs are used in Custom Formulas and Herb Products.

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Single Herb Statuses

You can change the single herb ingredient status using the drop down options.

Status Options

This means the herb is live on your dispensary, and practitioners can use it to build formulas.

Pending Review
The herb is ready to be published but is not live on your dispensary

You have started to create the herb but it is incomplete. The herb is not live on your dispensary.

Filter Herbs

Filter your herbs by:

Ingredient Type

*apply one or more than one filter

Category Selection

You can click on the category name, and update the category by assigning one or more categories to the herb. If there is no categories assigned, it will show the text “Assign Category”

Action Options

Edit Herb Ingredient
To edit the herb record, click on the blue Edit button under the action column or click on the single herb ingredient name. 

Delete Herb Ingredient
To delete a herb, click on the red delete button under the action column. The herb will be first put in the Trash Bin. The trash bin is located at the top of the page. You must delete it from the trash bin to completely remove it from your dispensary. We do this just in case you delete a herb by accident.

Trashed Herbs
Deleted Herbs are sent to the Trash, but they are not fully deleted from your dispensary until you delete them from the trash.   This was done on purpose, so if you accidently delete a herb ingredient, you can restore it again, without causing an issue.    Please note, that deleting a single herb ingredient that is used in previous formulas and herb products can cause problems.   Try to avoid deleting a herb ingredient completely.   You can instead change its status or delete them without removing them from the Trash.  

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