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Go to Admin > Settings > Design > Labels

Design Labels Help Video

You can create an unlimited number of labels for custom formulas for each herb type in your dispensary. The Labels will be based on a Label template which you can modify.

Adding a Label

1. Click on “Add New”

You will be shown a page with available Label Templates which you can choose.

Note: Even if you see the size of the label being wrong, you can update the label to be any size you want, so focus on picking the label style you like. You can also update the Avery Label template the label is associated with.

Click on the magnifying icon to see the label in a larger format if the label is too small for you to view.

2. . Click on “Select Template” when you have chosen the label template you want. You can always delete a label or add a second label later if you are not happy with your choice.

Main Label Options

Label Name (required)
Enter the name of your logo for your reference. Example, “Granule Small Bottle Label”. This label name will be shown to users if you have more than one label active in your dispensary which is “shown to Practitioner”

Label Description (optional)
Enter a label description for the label, which will be shown to practitioners.

Avery Label Template

Choose Avery Label Template (optional)
If you are going to use Avery Label Templates, you can choose the proper Avery Label in the drop down menu. The listing shows you the Avery Label Code, size of the label, and also the number of labels in each row and column.

Choose Container (optional)
If this label is associated with a specific label container, you can select it here. When that container is used for a custom formula, it will choose this specific label.

Get Label As
You can choose to generate your label in pdf, jpg or png format.

Preview Label
A preview of your label will be generated in this box. As you make changes to your label, the preview of the label will change letting you view your changes. You can always update and change your label, even after you save it.

Label Design Options

You can update your label by going through the various settings in the following Tabs;


Patient Information

Practitioner Information

Formula Information

Content Blocks


Layout Tab

You can set the size of your label in either inches or mm. This will control the output based on the following 2 parameters.

Page Height

Enter the height of the Label

Page Width
Enter the width of the Label

Note: If you change the height and the width, and make the label bigger, you will need to increase the font size of the content to make the information look proper. You can do that in all the tabs. If you change the height and width to make the label smaller, your content may not fit on the page. In this case you need to decrease the font size of the content in all the tabs to make it fit.

Choose whether the label is a portrait or landscape

Choose to have an image in the background or a solid color. If you select image with the toggle, it will let you upload an image.

Background Image
If an image is uploaded, you can choose to have the image fit exactly the size of the image, stretch the image so it fits to the exact size of the label or tile the image so it repeats over again to fit the entire label area.

You can specify the margins of the entire label so the content is moved away from the border of the label. Values you enter into this box are represented by pixels. We recommend adding 5-10 pixels to make a border which is not too large. If your border margins are too much, it will leave you less room to properly display data.


To change a font anywhere, you must actually delete the font text by pressing the delete button or backspace and remove the text from the field. Then you can start typing any font you want and it will show you a list of fonts. We have connected the system to google fonts, where you can choose any font offered by google. There is currently about 900 fonts to choose from.

To find a font that you like, check out Google Fonts

Patient Info Tab

Patient Name
If you want to display the patients name on the label, set the toggle to ON. If you turn it off, the patient name will not appear on the label, even if a patient is tagged to a custom formula. If you set this to ON, and there is no patient tagged to the custom formula, the patient name will not appear on the label. You can specify the Font, Font Size, Font Color, Underline, Bold and Maximum Characters for the patient name. To change the font, delete the font text in the box, and then

Patient Title

You can turn the title text off for the patient name. If you turn this off, only the patient name will appear, and nothing to indicate it is the patient name. In the Title Text box, you can change the name of the Title.

Example, if its current “Patient Name” you could change this to just say “Patient” or “Pt.”

Practitioner Information Tab

All options below you can modify the Font, Font Size, Font Color and if the data is underlined or bolded.

Practitioner Title Text
You can turn off or modify the Title Text indicating the practitioner Name.

Show Practitioner Name
You can turn on/off the field which displays the practitioner name. You can specify the maximum number of characters to display for the practitioners name

Show Practitioner Email
You can turn on/off the practitioner email

Show Practitioner Phone Number
You can turn on/off the practitioner phone number.  You can specify the format the phone number will be displayed on the Label

Show Website Name
You can turn on/ff the practitioner website address from the label

Formula Information Tab

All options below you can modify the Font, Font Size, Font Color and if the data is underlined or bolded.

Formula Name
You can specify if the Formula name appears on the Logo

Print Dosage Instructions
You can specify if the dosage instructions are printed on the label

Dosage Instructions Title Text
You can specify the exact title of the Dosage Instructions

Herb Options
You can specify if the label will show Herb Data on the Label

Ingredient Table
If your label shows herb data in a box or table, you can specify the width of the table by changing the herb table width percentage.

Order of Herbs
You can specify the ordering of herbs. Currently you can list herbs as they were entered by the practitioner, Qty of herb from highest to lowest, or lowest to highest, and alphabetical.

Herb Names
You can specify which herb names are printed on the label.

Herb Quantity
You can specify if you will print the quantity of herbs on the label

For Raw Herbs, you can specify if you want to print the value of Bags/Day or Daily Amount or the Total Quantity of the herbs in the entire formula for all Days/Bags. The Bags/Day or Daily Amount will show depending on the dosage mode for the custom formula.

Herb Heading
You can change the name of the Herb Heading. Example ” Herb Ingredients”

Herb Name Title Text
If you want to list the herb name type in the box, indicating to the user which herb name is listed, you can turn this to ON.

Create Date
Choose whether you want the create date of the formula (generally the order date) to appear on the label

Fulfillment Date
Choose whether you want to print the fulfillment date on the label. This date will only appear after the order has been fulfilled, as that is when we log this date and not before.

Fulfillment Date Title Text
Modify the Title Text of the Fulfillment date. You can change it to say for example “Date Fulfilled”

Content Blocks Tab

Depending on your label, you may or may not have the following content blocks. Not all labels have all content blocks

You can change and modify the image on the label.

Image Height
Specify the height of the image in pixels

Image Width
Specify the width of the image in pixels

Image Margins
You can create space around your image by entering values for right, top, bottom and left margins. The value you enter is in pixels.

Image Justify
You can justify your image to appear centered, right or left.

Text Box
Some labels have a text box with text data. You can change this data to make it say whatever you want.

  1. Turn the Text Box on or off
  2. Change the border thickness of the box ( 0 value would indicate you do not want a border)
  3. Change the border Color
  4. Specify the maximum number of characters in the box
  5. Control the normal paramenters like Font, Font Size, Font Color
  6. Turn the Box Title Heading On/off and modify its parameters

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