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Dosage Modes

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A dosage mode is a way to calculate a formulation.  There are different dosage modes depending on the type of formula you are creating.

1. Total Quantity / Percentage
This dosage mode using proportions and will give the user the exact quantity they enter into the quantity box, unless the user specifies they want a larger or smaller quantity.   This dosage mode gives the practitioner the most flexibility to choose their exact dosage for the patient.

2. Daily Dose
The daily dose is when you want the patient to take a specific amount of herb per day.   The amount you enter into the quantity box will be multiplied by the number of days you are prescribing for.

3.  Raw Per Day
The amount the practitioner enters into the quantity box will be multiplied by the number of days.   This is similar to daily dose, but since it is raw herbs, it will ask the practitioner to enter the number of bags or containers they want the herbs to be packaged in.

4.  Raw Per Bag
This dosage mode will multiply the quantity entered by the number of bags specified.   Instead of basing the quantity on the number of days, the practitioner will enter exactly the amount they want to be placed into the bag or container.

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