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Square Integration

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Go to Admin > Settings > Orders > Payment Methods > Square Configuration

Watch this Video to Learn how to Integrate Square Payment Method

How to Integrate Square

To setup square, you need 3 pieces of information.

1. Location ID
2. Access Token
3. Application ID

Steps to Get this Information:

1. Login to your Square Account

2. Go to the Developers Section   (make sure you click on this link)

3. Under “My Applications” click on “New Application”

4. Name your application, it doesn’t matter what you call it.

5. Click on “Create Application”

You will initially see “Sandbox” settings. This is data you will not need and is only for testing purposes.

6.  At the top of the page, there is a toggle box to change it from Sandbox to Production. Click on the toggle and it will change for you.

7.  Copy your Application ID

8. Copy your Personal Access token. You will need to click on the “eye” or “Show” icon to actually view the encrypted token data.

9. On the same page in the left navigation you will see “Locations”. click on it and copy your Location ID.

10.  Go to your Dispensary Admin and go to Settings > Orders > Payments > Square > Configuration

11.Copy and Paste your Location ID, Application ID and Personal Access Token into the proper fields and press save.

12. Mare sure the check box “Sandbox” is not ticked because sandbox means you are just testing the payments and you want them to work with real money now.

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