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Authorize.net Integration

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Go to Admin > Settings > Orders > Authorize.net Configuration

Authorize.net Integration Help Video

How to Integrate Authorize.net

*** This article is assuming you have an active Authorize.net account which is active and can be used to accept credit card payments online.

1. Login to your account at Authorize.net

2. In the Left Navigation, under the header “Account” click on the option “Settings”

3. Under Security Settings, there is an option “API Credentials and Keys”

4. Copy/Save your Location ID 

5. Choose the selection box “Create New Keys” if you do not already have one

6. For security purposes, Authorize.net may send you a special numerical key to create an API or disable an existing one. If they do, check your email, copy the numerical key and enter it into the form

7. After you will see your Transaction Key, copy/save it 

8. Go to Admin > Settings > Orders > Payments > Authorize.net > Conifguration

9. Copy and Paste your Location ID and Transaction Key into the space provided

10.  Make sure sandbox checkmark is unchecked

11.  If you want to Preauthorize for a higher amount, you can add a flat amount or a percentage above the order value

12,  Click on the active box to enable this payment in your dispensary

If you want to allow users to save credit cards in your dispensary, you must speak to your Authorize.net representative and ensure Vault access is enabled on your account.

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