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Ingredient Column Settings

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Go to Admin > Settings > Formulas > Formula Builder > Column Selection

Note:  There are column selections per formula dosage type

Changing these settings will NOT affect existing practitioner settings. 

When adding single herbs and premix formulas to a formula, there are specific columns of information which you may want to show by default.  

For example, some practitioners build formulas with the English Name of the Herb, and some use the Latin Name and some use the pinyin name.  These settings let you choose which columns of data are defaulted when a new practitioner is registered at your dispensary.  

Practitioners can also choose the columns they want to see in their formula settings in the practitioner account.  The admin can also change this per practitioner in the admin account under the practitioners’ profile.  If you turn them all on, they may not all fit comfortably on the screen which will require the practitioner to scroll horizontally.  Most people don’t need all the columns to be turned on. 

Required Fields

You can force a practitioner to view a field by marking it as required. They will not be able to turn it off.

List of Fields

Pin Yin – Show the Pinyin name of the herb

Latin – Shows the Latin name of the herb

Chinese – Shows the Chinese name of the herb

English – Shows the English name of the herb

Supplier – Shows the supplier of the herb

Form – Shows the type of herb (raw, granule, tincture, concentrate)

Raw/Day – Lets the user enter the raw amount dosage

Ratio – Shows the herb ratio

Granules/Day – Lets the user enter the granule amount per day dosage

# Days – Specifies the number of days for the formula which is entered by the practitioner

% Per – Shows the percentage value of the herb of the whole formula

Qty Received – Shows the total amount of granule received in the formula

Price – Shows the price per gram of the item in the formula

Subtotal – Shows the total cost paid for the item in the formula ( price x qty received)

Action – Allows the user to delete the herb

Note: If you enable too many fields, the user will need to scroll horizontally to see them all.

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