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New Categories

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Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import New Data > Categories

You can import herb , formula, and product categories into your dispensary, but please remember that if you add the category to an import file, it will automatically add that category.

Download the Sample File by clicking on the button “Download Sample File”

There are 3 types of Categories; Herb Categories, Formula Categories & Product Categories. 

Under Category Type ( Column A) enter the type of category you are uploading. 

Enter “Herbs” for Single herb categories and “Product” for product category and “Formula” for Formula Categories.

import categories

Cat1 is the “Parent Category
Cat 2 is the sub category
Cat 3 is the sub sub category
Cat 4 is a sub sub sub category

To upload your category CSV sheet, go to Admin > Settings > Data> Import New Data > Categories

Find the saved CSV file on your computer

Click on Review

If everything is formatted properly, at the end of the reviewed information you can submit it.

To check that it was submitted properly, go to Admin > Lists > Categories

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