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New Products

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Go to Admin > Settings > Data > Import New Data > Products

Import New Products Help Video

Download the Blank Product CSV file.   You can do that on the above page, or by clicking the Download Link.

1.   Fill out the CSV File with your product information
2.  There are only 5 mandatory fields, the rest are optional
3.  If you want us to look over your File before you upload it, send it to support@dispensary-tree.com
4.  All information can be updated later, so don’t worry if you make a mistake.

Mandatory fields include

alphanumeric string of characters to identify the product

Product Name
The Name of the Product

The only Possible value is “Publish”,”Published”,”Pending Review”,”Draft”

Selling price 
The price you are selling the product for to your customers

Cost Price
The price you paid to purchase the product.   You can enter a fake number here, but hightly recommended to enter an accurate number. 

Note: We highly recommend adding a category for each product.

CSV Column Descriptions

Alphanumeric string of characters to identify the product

Name of Product

Status of Product. Only Possible value is “Publish”,”Published”,”Pending Review”,”Draft”

This is the shipping weight, which is used to calculate shipping prices.

Brand of Product.  If Brand entered does not exist, it will be created.

Description of product

Category of the product. If you want to add More than 1 category for single product then separate each category name with “|”. for example “Abc Cat | xyz Cat”

Selling Price
Price of 1 Unit of the Product

Cost Price
Price it cost you to purchase 1 unit of the product

Re-order Level
If stock levels fall below this amount, it will appear in a low stock report, so you will know you have to order more.


Indicate if you charge tax on this product. Enter a ‘1’ if taxable and ‘0’ if not taxable

Image url
A url which is points to an image of the herb. The system will find that image and load it into your dispensary

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