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Product Stock Levels

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Stock/Inventory Settings


Show Out of Stock To Users  –   If the item is out of stock it will either show or hide based on this setting.  

Users can purchase when out of stock –  If the item is out of stock, the add to cart button will be either showing or hidden, based on this setting.   

Low Stock Warning Level –  A value that will determine when the product will show up in a low stock report.  If the total stock falls below this amount, it will be considered to be “low stock”  

Product Statistics

The product statistics shows you relevant information pertaining to the products inventory levels and consumption.  


Total Available –  The number of product units you have availalbe in inventory

Committed  –  The total number of product units which are committed to orders that have not been fulfilled

Average Used Per Day –  The average amount of units consumed or purchased per day.    

Average Used Per Month  –  The average amount of units consumed every 30 days

Estimated Time Remaining  –  The estimated time it will take to run out of current stock.  This is based on the average daily consumption divided by the total available inventory.  

Fulfillment History


Purchase History 


Lot Information


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