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Product Images

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When creating a new product you may not have an image ready, but still want to have a picture display until you are able to upload an image.   

This setting lets you add a default image for your products.  It will display on all simple products that do not have an image uploaded, not only new products.  
If you change the default image, it will be used for any product that does not have its own image.  

You can upload images using 2 methods.  

1.  Select file directly from your computer

2.  Enter a public URL from either Google Drive or Dropbox

Alt Information
Alt information is displayed on browsers when the images are turned off.   It is important to add alt information for those that are visually impaired, as the alt information should describe the picture.   This makes the internet more accessible for anyone with a seeing disability.   We have made alt information mandatory for all images.   

Select File from Computer

1.  Click on the Choose File Button and navigate to the folder on your computer that contains the image you want to upload, and press submit.   It will load in the image preview area, and also display the width and height of the image. 

Enter a URL
Enter the public URL from either dropbox or google drive and press submit.    If successful, the image will load in the preview area.  

***** the maximum image size is 100kb.   We limit the size of the images to ensure the webstore loads quickly for a better user experience.  

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