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Product Module Overview

Dispensary Tree supports two types of products;  Simple Products and Custom Products

Simple Product

Simple Product is something that is made or manufactured to be sold to consumers or other businesses. It can be a physical item, such as a smartphone, a piece of clothing, or a household appliance. It can also be a service, such as consulting, software development, or entertainment streaming. Products are typically created to fulfill a need or desire, and they can vary widely in complexity, function, and form. With your Dispensary Tree account, you can sell “simple” products to patients and practitioners. An example of a simple product include Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Soap, Prepackaged Teas, Liniments, Massage Oils etc.

Simple Product with Variants

Product Variants allow you to create different prices for simple products based on size, weight, color etc. You can create as many product variants as you want and each simple product can have an unlimited number of variants. 

Custom Products

Custom Product lets you sell a product consisting of one or more ingredients from your catalog to patients and practitioners, without requiring the end user to build a custom formula from scratch. An example of this may be selling a pound of a herb, or creating a mixture of ingredients that will be sold as is, without modification. You can create formulas with any of your herbal ingredients including premix formulas. An example may be a common formula that is good for a sinus infection. Custom Products are not pre-made products, but instead formulated as they are ordered the same way you would fulfill or prepare a custom formula.

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