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Product Attributes

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Attributes are details about a product such as allergy information, alcohol levels, processing etc.  This setting allows you to set your default product attribues.  Set the attributes to appear in this list that you want to be active when you create a new product.    You can turn attributes on and off per product, even if the attribute does not appear in this active list.

You can set the order they will appear in the product record by adjusting the value.   Lower values means it will appear higher in the product record under the attributes section. 

Add Attribute
Click on the “Add New” button to add an attribute to the default product attribute list that is not already appearing in the list.   By default when you create a new dispensary, all attributes are active already. 

Delete Attribute
Deleting an attribute means it will not be active by default when you setup a new product.   It will not affect current products which have their own product attribute settings.     

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