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Product Ingredients

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The ingredients tab lets you list the ingredients of the product.   For Simple products, this is just a reference if you want to show the user what is contained in the product.  For custom products, this information is mandatory and the ingredient must be in your catalog as a single herb or premixed formula.  

Simple Product Ingredients

This is an optional section for simple products, you are not forced to add the ingredients.   Even if you do enter ingredients, it is for informational purposes only and has no effect on the price of the product.    You can add ingredients from items that are already in your catalog, and it will show up as a linked item.  We do this because when a user is viewing the ingredients, it will link to the ingredient record in your dispensary if they want more information on that particular ingredient.   You can also add ingredients that are not contained in your catalog.    This information will be displayed in the practitioner account on the product record page under product ingredients.  


Custom Product Ingredients

Ingredients for custom products are mandatory, because you are creating a product from ingredient(s) available in your catalog.   Currently this includes single herbs and premix formulas.   You are now able to mix ingredient types for custom products, such as you can combine tincutres and granules together.      The ingredients for custom products forms the basic building elements for your custom product.  


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