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Inventory History

Go to Admin > Inventory > History

The inventory history displays every inventory transaction going in and out of your dispensary. The following are the type of transactions you can view.

Adding Inventory – Will display every new addition to your inventory

Formula – As you fulfill formulas it will show you every herb or premix formula transaction

Modification – Each time the dispensary admin modifies a lot number

Waste – If a lot number is closed with quantity still available, it will be moved to waste.

Filtering Inventory Transactions

You can filter inventory transactions by

Change Type – Filter by Change Type (New Inventory, Formulas, Products, Modification)

Item Type – Filter by Product, Herb or Premix

Herb Type – Filter by Herb Type ( Granules, Tinctures, Raw, Concentrates)

Category – Sort inventory transactions by herb or product category

Lot Status – Turn a lot On or OFF.

Date Range – Find a Transaction between a start and end date