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Modify Orders

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We designed the system to pre-authorize credit cards, which means you can make changes to any part of the order, and the price and invoice will update before we capture the final payment.  You cannot pre-authorize Square, Cash or Credit Payments, only Credit Card Processors which support this function. Square does not support Pre-Authorizations.

What can you Modify?

Shipping Address – You can modify or change the shipping address.

Shipping Options– You can select a different shipping option, such as changing from 2 day to 5 day shipping or a completely different shipping carrier.

Paying Party – You can change who is paying for the order.  If the patient was paying, and you change it to practitioner, a pay link appears in the order history for that order in the practitioner’s account.  Tell the practitioner to login and complete payment.

Modify Formula & Dosages – From Preparation tab, before you have fulfilled the order, click on Edit next to the item you want to modify.  It will bring up the formula builder screen, and you can make any necessary changes to the formula.

Change Quantity for Items – You can change the quantity of an item.  Ie. i wanted 2 bottles of custom xiao yao san instead of 1, or I wanted 3 ear seed boxes instead of 2.

Delete Items – You can remove items from the order entirely

Modify Markups – You can modify, add or delete a markup amount for a practitioner

Discounts – You can apply or remove a discount code

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