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We anticipate new updates going live around January 2023

I’m getting some dispensaries asking me when the new updated formula builders will be going live and how we are doing. This is a ‘short message’ to let you know we are on track and have done a considerable amount of work. We are now working on the formula pages a practitioner uses to build a formula and are upgrading the technology to make it faster and smoother.

We have basically completed all the settings to configure a formula builder. This includes controlling which types of ingredients are allowed to be added, mixing ingredient types, excluding ingredients, setting max amount for certain ingredients, tablet options, capsule options, softgel options, decoctions, tags, containers, dosage options, different pricing options, preparation instructions, add on services, and then all the design options to change the look and feel. Every aspect of the formula builder you will be able to control. You’ll be able to create a new formula builder if you want to from scratch and also control the calculations. Also you’ll be able to create custom creams by having a base cream and then adding ingredients to it.

We’ve done all the work to add new ingredient types, different measurement types, measurement conversions, and inventory settings for new ingredient types.

All the above was the hardest part.

Product Section Update
We have completed the product section upgrade. This includes product variants, custom products, barcode scanning, and a lot more. We needed to upgrade our product area so we can integrate with other ecommerce platforms.

Import/Export Data
We have upgraded the import and export functionality. It is very streamlined and easier to use. Plus…you don’t have to import CSV sheets with all the columns and the columns can be in any order. You can also export partial data, and I’ve ensured all data can be imported and exported. We also added tha ability to import and export using XLS format as CSV was messing with some characters.


What is Still Pending?

Practitioner Formula Builder Page
This is the page that practitioners use to create formulas. These will be updated, but will have the same look and feel as the current builders but with more options and upgraded technology. I’m focusing on functionality but also on speed, I need to make sure things are very fast!

We have to modify the fulfillment pages to work with the new formula builders, this includes editing a formula once its been submitted. This won’t take very long to do.

Formula Display
We have to modify how a formula is displayed once its been submitted in the Order. This won’t take very long to do. You’ll actually get to pick and choose what you want to see.

We have to upgrade the reports. This will take some time to do, but basically if you have been asking for a certain report or functionality in this area, you are probably going to be getting it.

We may have to update the labels to properly display the new ingredients and formula data.

We have to update the infosheets to properly display the new ingredients and formula data.

We need a solid 4-6 weeks more of development and then testing. I won’t be rushing any launch, and anticipate the system will be down for at least 10 hours. It is critical to ensure that current formulations are working properly with the new system.

Jason Tarter, R.Ac, R.TCMP

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