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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/x8dVy_q9Ac4″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I wanted to share with you what is going on at DispensaryTree

We are doign a lot of work to make the system more dynamic so every herbalist/dispensary has more control over every aspect of the program.

1.  Add Ingredient Types
We are adding functionality so you can add as many types of herbal ingredients as you want.   This means if you sell essential oils,  powdered herbs, Glycerin Tinctures, soaps etc, you can add these items into their own section.

We have completed the programming for this section, it is of course not live yet.   It required us to update the inventory section to account for these new items, import and export sections, reports and more.

2.  Measurement Types
Our new system will allow you to add an unlimited number of measurement types.  You will not be restricted to only grams, ml and oz.   You can add drops, cups, mcg, mg and basically add any type of measurement type,  even ones you make up if you want.

This programming is complete

3.  Measurement Conversions 
We have created functionality for you to convert from one measuremen type to another.  Practical application of this is if you want to keep track of bulk herbs in grams, but allow a practitioner to build a formula in oz.   We will be able to accurately convert from one to another.    You can set your conversions on a global scale, on an ingredient type specifically and then on a per ingredient basis.

This programming is complete

4.  Formula Builder Update
Our next business is upgrading the formula builders.  Now that adding new ingredients is complete we are going to revolutionize the formula builder.

–  Create your own formula builders
–  Mix Ingredient Types together, example, create formulas with granules and powdered herbs, or tinctures with essential oils etc.
–  Ability to create formulas with different measurement types
–  Integrated Tablets and Capsules
–  Control how formulas are calculated
–  Decoction / Cooking Formulas
–  New ways of pricing formulas, flat rate pricing
–  Creating formulas with bases, such as a cream or soap
–  Control every aspect of the formula builder, from design, text, font, order of items, dosages
& more.

5.  Product Section Upgrade
We are almost complete a product section upgrade which will introduce new features for products.

–  Product Variants  Example   Big, Medium and Small of the same product.  Or 100g, 250g, 500g of the same product.
–  Custom Products integrated with the new ingredients
–  Ability to allow or not allow markups on specific products and markup limits

6.   Shopify Integration 
Once products section is upgraded, we will launch our shopify integration.  It will allow inventory to be synced between the two platforms.     I realize there are other e-commerce platforms requested and if we get enough demand, we will integrate others like Square, Woocommerce and BigCommerce.   Once integration with shopify is complete, it will be much easier to integrate with others.

Throughout all these upgrades, it really means an entire platform is upgraded.   Importing and exporting was made easier and we have added ability to export and import using XLS format instead of CSV.    The orders area needs to be upgraded to accept new types of formulations and the infosheet and labels needs to display new information as well.

7.   EHR integration
Our first EHR is in the process of integrating with dispensary-tree.   This means you will be able to create and submit a formula while creating a patient note and submit it to any dispensary on the network.    I don’t have an ETA on this, but its being worked on.    Once the first one is successful, we will approach other EHR platforms to integrate.

ETA for most of these items is the end of this year but possibly sooner.

I am leaving no stone unturned.

Jason Tarter, R.Ac, R.TCMP

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