Custom Labels

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Formula Labels

Design and Generate formula labels for your custom formulations. Show important information to patients and clients which can easily be printed out on any printer.

Label Designer

Design your label in any size, add your logo, change the fonts, font size and fields that show on the label.

Avery Label Integration

Use any four sided avery label template to print using any printer - no special label printer required.


Use any printer to print your labels, including label printers. No setup required.


Create different labels for different size containers and bottles. You can create an unlimited number of labels and assign different labels to different users.


Assign your labels to specific Avery Label Templates and print directly onto labels from any printer. You can pick and choose the label you want to print on.

Are you ready for a solution?

It is so time consuming to hand write formula labels and provide all the information about a formula on an information sheet.   With Dispensary Tree labels are created instantly and can be printed on any label printer or regular printer using Avery Label Templates. Show patients and other practitioners that you are organized, professional and have patient safety always in mind. Following strict guidelines ensures you are compliant by providing important information about custom formulas and products. Improve patient safety by ensuring every patient receives a list of herbal ingredients they may be ingesting or applying topically. Each custom formula will generate a custom label and info sheet that you can help design.