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Custom Herbal Formula Infosheets

Custom Herbal Formula Infosheets

Custom Herbal Formula Infosheets

Custom Herb Formula Infosheets

The Custom Herbal Formula Infosheets designer is truely one of a kind, with advanced customization capabilities, you can build any infosheet you desire.   You are not limited to only one infosheet, you can create many custom herbal formula infosheets depending on the situation.   Have a French Speaking Patient?   Great, now you can have an infosheet all in French.

Information Sheet Highlights

  • Create Multiple Infosheets
  • Add Your Logo
  • Create your Infosheets from Scratch
  • Add your Own Sections
  • Choose what is displayed
  • Add Multiple Graphics
  • Select your preferred Fonts and Styling


A custom herbal formula infosheet lists all the important information about the formula which you can provide to the patient.   Often the custom formula label doesn’t provide enough room to print out all the required information, so we created an infosheet that can be printed on any printer.    The great news is you can control all aspects of the infosheet, and brand the infosheet with your company logo.



You can pick and choose which information is shown on the custom herbal formula infosheet, re-arrange the content on the page, add different graphics and logos and even add static text information.   The entire infosheet sheet is customizable!


What Type of Information can be Shown?

Dispensary or Company Information –    Your Business Name, Logo, Address

Practitioner Information –   Practitioner Name, Address, Website, Phone Number

Formula Information –   Number of Days, Number of Containers,  Ingredients in Formula, Refill Information, Number of Refills Allowed, Refill Frequency, Refill Expiry Date, Refills Remaining, Formula Name, Total Formula Quantity, Formula Type, Dosage Type, Preparation Instructions, Dosage Instructions, Additional Services, Formula Creation Date, Preparation Date,

Delivery Information –  Shipping Company,  Pickup, Shipping Service, Delivery Method, Invoice Number, Shipping Address

Static Text –  Add Your Own Text

Graphics –  Add Images and Graphics to your Infosheet, Including your Logo

Patient Information –   Patient Name, Patient Address,  Patient Email, Patient Phone Number


Multiple Infosheets

You can create more than one infosheet.   For example, lets say you have patients who speak Spanish, so you can also create a Spanish Infosheet and apply this infosheet to specific patients.  Then when you print out the infosheet, it will use your Spanish Infosheet.    You can also create a specific infosheet per formula dosage mode to show specific information pertaining to a formula created a certain way.

Product Infosheets

You can create infosheets specific for products you sell or prescribe to patients.   If you want to create an infosheet for a specific product with specific information for your patients, you can do that!

How to Create an Infosheet

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