Jason Tarter

Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

Updates for  Wednesday Nov. 18th 2020

1.  Active Practitioner
We are improving the active practitioner in admin.   This means if you try to add a formula/product for a practitioner to the cart and they are not the active practitioner, it will automatically change to the active practitioner and add it to their cart.  Currently you must manually switch it to the active practitioner and then add the item to the cart.   

2.  Changing the Active Practitioner
In the top menu bar, when viewing the active practitioner, you will be able to now also click a button to view the profile of that practitioner, login to the practitioners account and also make them active.  

3.  Trash Bins
When deleting products, herbs and premix formulas from your dispensary they are put into the “Trash” bin.   We have updated the trash bin to work more effectively, removing some bugs and making it easier to use.  It’s not a highly used area of the program, but when you need to use it, you will appreciate.    

4.  Dosage Instructions
This update pertains to the dosage instructions for Raw/Bulk formulations.   The dosage instructions box was limited to 85 characters.  This has been removed and practitioners can enter an unlimited amount of information.   Please note that due to label sizes, only a specific amount of information may be able to fit onto your label.  You can limit the number of characters that will be printed on your label in your label settings.   The infosheet will always display the entire dosage instructions inputted by the practitioner. 

5.  Email Infosheet and Invoice to Users
There is a function which allows you to email the infosheet to practitioners and patients.  There is a bug preventing the user from downloading it from the email.   This has been resolved and will now function properly.   The option to email the infosheet and invoice to patients and practitioners is available in the Order history in the patient or practitioner profile under “order history”  

6.  Other minor spelling, grammatical and things of this nature to make the platform more smooth and consistent.

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