Jason Tarter

Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

Minor Updates Made Live on December 3rd 2020

1.  Products in Draft Status
Products in draft status were appearing in the practitioner website if a user searched for them.   This is no longer the case, and they will not show.  If you want to make a product active, change its status to published. 

2.  Order Search
The Order search function was causing some hiccups, and its now performing properly.  

3. Practitioner Active Status
If searching for a practitioner and then toggling their status to inactive, it would cause the entire search results to become inactive.   This issue has been resolved.  Very unlikely you would have experienced this. 

4. Spelling and Grammar
Minor spelling and grammatical errors were fixed, mostly affecting new dispensaries.

5.  Thumbnail pictures
New pictures uploaded to products area were causing the thumbnail to turn 90 degrees, this has been fixed for all thumbnail pictures.  This wasn’t causing a problem for existing thumbnail pictures, only new ones.    This issue has been resolved.  

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